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Static Electricity Hazards and the Handling of Petroleum Products Whitepaper


Static Electricity Hazards &
The Handling of Petroleum Products

By Prakash Patel, PhD. & Weiping Wang, PhD.

Static electricity in one form or another is a phenomenon of nature and often results in electrostatic discharges that can cause fires and explosions. The term static describes electricity that is trapped on a body that is said to be charged. While most of the expertise to reduce these hazards is based on research, a great deal is based on industry experience as related to safety precautions used for handling petroleum liquids. This paper addresses a basic understanding of static electricity and commonly used precautions in the operation of tank trucks, rail cars and storage tanks.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Latest Industry Terminology & Standards
  • Causes of Static Charges
  • Recognized Preventative Measures

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