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The SmartTech ImpactLog monitor is a highly durable impact recorder which can be configured to monitor critical parameters, providing an alert when an impact to SafeRack gangway equipment may have compromised its integrity, performance, and/or safe operation. Our monitor identifies incidents after installation and before any serious malfunction occurs. SmartTech’s ImpactLog delivers an alert that the gangway has encountered an impact which might affect its performance or safety, enabling immediate inspection and remediation by SafeRack service personnel.

Available Q1 2019


Main Features

  • Record Max Peaks X, Y, and Z and Internal Temperature plus Humidity
  • Field-proven Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer Technology
  • User-definable Alarm Levels
  • LED Lights for Visual Notification of Alarms
  • IP67-rated, RF-screened
  • Self-contained Unit Design with Battery Power Preferred
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor Built into Unit (optional)


Wireless RF communications allow for easy control, setup, activity download, start and stop of the ImpactLog. ImpactLog software allows for configuration, data extraction and data analysis with the following features:

  • Windows®-based software program with instructions for quick deployment and easy data analysis
  • Overview of entire operation with peak acceleration values for all three axes reported on a time basis
  • Export data into programs such as Excel for more detailed analysis

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Optional Capabilities

The ImpactLog impact recorder can be configured to provide more intelligence about the conditions affecting the gangway equipment. The optional humidity and temperature sensor adds the capability to monitor and record external temperature and humidity conditions. The system also monitors and records the number of gangway operations thus providing an alert when the operational life of each spring is approaching its maximum rating.


The ImpactLog software runs on a PC using the Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 operating systems. The software allows the operator to configure the ImpactLog and to extract and examine data records from the monitor. Reports may be viewed onscreen and selected data may be exported to other applications. Three primary reports are available: report, time slot, and log data. Reports can be downloaded remotely keeping the unit secure and tamper proof.

Overview Report

A top-level view of an operation is presented, providing the user with a single-page report that can be printed or copied into another document. It contains a time slots graph and configuration information. The report’s start and end time can be adjusted to focus on any part of the operation.

Time Slot Report

Data recorded in the time slot memory can be displayed in graphical form. The following parameters can be available depending on setup and unit specification: date, time, max peak x, y, and z, min peak x, y, and z, internal temperature, humidity, and external temperature.

Security Log Report

The security log data can be displayed in spreadsheet form. The following parameters are available: date and time of data-clearing operations or resets.