Proudly made in the USA


Smart Technologies LLC was created out of a desire to incorporate smart proven technology that would bring a multitude of additional benefits to operators around the world. Until now, this level of technology has not been available. Essentially, we wanted to provide a different and better way to service the truck and railcar transport industry.

Starting with the first all-in-one, intelligent, grounding unit, LOGIC, SmartTech provides operators with a variety of products that deliver accurate business intelligence within the operational process, as well as equipment performance on site. These technologies make SmartTech solutions the safest solutions available.


We utilize smart technologies to bring intelligence to the loading terminal.


We apply blue-sky thinking to today’s applications, and develop tomorrow’s products.


Our products are rigorously tested and constructed with highest quality materials.


We are proud to say that all of our products are developed and manufactured in the USA.

Smart Technologies LLC is proud to be part of the SixAxis Family of Brands. To learn more, visit