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LOGIC Office Management & Reporting Software

Our software allows the terminal operator to integrate the LOGIC controller in real time into the Terminal Automation System (TAS).

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LOGIC Transceiver Unit

Smartech LOGIC 2.4GHz Transceiver Unit provides wireless communication interface between the LOGIC PC-based software or third-party TAS  located…

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Dead-Man Trigger Assembly

The LOGIC Dead-Man Trigger Assembly is simple to use, robust in design and incorporates a hermetically-sealed electronic switch…

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Ground Clamp Assembly

The LOGIC Ground Clamp assembly is a simple to use, robust clamp that provides secure bonding and static…

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Installation Kit Junction Box

We recommend the purchase of a LOGIC Installation Kit with each controller. The installation kit is designed to…

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Hazardous Certified Antenna

Our Zone 1 Hazardous Area Antenna is available for both North American and European/International markets.

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Corrosion Moisture Inhibitors

Each LOGIC controller will be provided with a corrosion moisture inhibitor pre-installed. The benefit of the smart LOGIC…

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Replacement Pilot Lamps

The LOGIC controller is fitted with lamps that can be easily replaced without the need to open the enclosure...

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The only all-in-one grounding system

Our smart control enclosure brings intelligence to the loading terminal

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The LOGIC grounding monitor and controller developed for single point top loading operations, providing multiple truck and rail car grounding verification options, with enhanced features including monitoring potential overfills, monitoring loading arm position, enabling dead-man control and logging external environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, all in one enclosure.

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The LOGIC ground verification monitor's unique state-of-the-art technology and overlaying intelligent firmware is a fail-safe watchdog for the total system operation. A ground monitoring permissive is only allowed when the firmware is in agreement with the hardware.

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Never turn away a truck again. The LOGIC grounding monitor provides multiple options for monitoring overfill, grounding and load arm positioning, allowing access to a broader customer base by not limiting your truck configurations.

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The LOGIC grounding verification system can capture and retain a minimum of 5000 loading/unloading events. This provides the terminal with an electronic audit and unparalleled levels of intelligent data regarding their loading operations.

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Traditional ground monitoring systems can require up to three "dumb" boxes to provide the functionality that LOGIC brings in a single intelligent enclosure. Using less wiring interconnection, a single LOGIC grounding monitor  utilizes less loading platform space and is inherently more reliable.

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